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New Products

RME - ADI-2/4 Pro Special Edition

1. RME - ADI-2/4 Pro Special Edition

Based on many years continued feature development of the ADI-2 Pro, RME unveils the next addition to the countless award winning ADI-2 Series. The latest masterpiece comes with a newly developed circuit board, improved specs and faster DSP for an outstanding transparent sound signature, extreme power headphone amplifiers including IEM power setting, super low noise 4.4 mm Pentaconn balanced connection, trigger out function for powering on/off external devices and finally a RIAA mode for directly digitizing vinyl discs in highest quality.

Price: 2.299,00 (Including VAT at 21% For EU customers)

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RME - Madiface XT II - PRE ORDER .

2. RME - Madiface XT II - PRE ORDER .

Coming soon around August 2024 the new Madiface XT II

394-Channel 192 kHz USB 3.0 Audio Interface
World‘s First USB 3.0 Audio Interface

The RME MADIface XT II is the successor of the Madiface XT the world’s first USB3 audio interface - and the world’s smallest portable interface that provides access to hundreds of audio channels in such a small package. For highest usability and connectivity the XT can also be used with USB 2.0 (computer I/O limited to 70 channels). Its unique PCI Express port connects to External PCI Express cards as well as adapters to Thunderbolt, providing all the fastest interfacing technologies available for maximum channel count and lowest latency in one unit.

I/O Connectivity
196 Input / 198 Output channels
2 x MADI I/O optical
1 x MADI I/O coaxial
2 x Analog Mic/Line Preamp Input (XLR/TRS)
4 x Analog Output (Main XLR + Phones)
1 x AES/EBU I/O via breakout cable
1 x MIDI I/O via breakout cable
3 x virtual MIDI I/O via MADI I/O

Price: 2.359,50 (Including VAT at 21% For EU customers)

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3. RME - Fireface UFX III - IN STOCK

Fireface UFX III

The Multichannel Flagship Interface

188-Channel, 24-Bit/192kHz USB 3 Audio Interface

The Fireface UFX III is the center of any multitrack studio, handling up to 94 channels I/O with ease. Its unprecedented flexibility, compatibility, the inclusion of DURec (Direct USB Recording) and RME’s famous low latency hardware and driver designs guarantee flawless operation in any mode and application.

Packed with professional features, including SteadyClock FS, MADI I/O (64 channels), a powerful DSP, USB 3.0 (full 94 channel I/O Class Compliant ready), TotalMix FX, Direct USB Recording, and support for the Advanced Remote Control USB (available separately), the Fireface UFX III is the professional’s preferred tool for multitrack recording, mixing and mastering.

The Fireface UFX III is based on a newly developed analog and digital board. While the analog board offers, for example, DC-coupled analog outputs as well as new AD and DA converters with improved THD+N value, the digital board also enables interesting new features thanks to updated high-tech components.

Price: 2.686,20 (Including VAT at 21% For EU customers)

RME - Digiface AES

4. RME - Digiface AES

The latest Digiface AES is a professional, bus powered 14 input and 16 output channel USB 2.0 interface with 2 Mic/Line universal analog input channels and 4 analog output channels (2 XLR, one TRS phones) complementing its digital I/O section. With an excellent set of digital connectivity, SteadyClock FS, full stand-alone operation and built-in parametric EQ, the Digiface AES shines as the perfect all-in-one solution for recording and playback of digital and analog sources, as well as flexible playback/monitoring via TotalMix FX.
Price: 1.999,00 (Including VAT at 21% For EU customers)

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